Daily Horoscope

Aries Aries
21 Mar - 20 Apr
It is great to be strong, independent and self-sufficient, but ultimately we are all human and have our own weaknesses and skeletons in the cupboards.... Read More ->
Taurus Taurus
21 Apr - 21 May
You may be trying to cling to something that doesn't want to sit still, Taurus. It's like trying to grab a wet fish. The more tightly you squeeze it... Read More ->
Gemini Gemini
22 May - 21 Jun
Overall, this should be a pleasant day, Gemini, and you'll be properly recognized for the person you are. You may feel like royalty, so feel free to d... Read More ->
Cancer Cancer
22 Jun - 22 Jul
The Moon in Virgo may make you feel defeated by opponents at your work place, today. You may feel that they are manipulating the whole work atmosphere... Read More ->
Leo Leo
23 Jul - 23 Aug
Implementing a new idea will gain you the approval of your superiors. Your colleagues will also appreciate you and support you in your endeavor to wor... Read More ->
Virgo Virgo
24 Aug - 22 Sep
The Moon in your own sign will make you feel victimised today. Maybe you were just an innocent onlooker at a place where the prank was played by someo... Read More ->
Libra Libra
23 Sep - 23 Oct
The Moon in Virgo will hit your confidence today and make you feel low. You had a certain goal, a certain ambition in mind and you never really got do... Read More ->
Scorpio Scorpio
24 Oct - 22 Nov
Express your feelings and emotions clearly and openly to the person you are attracted to. Do not fear rejection.You have been living in your own illus... Read More ->
Sagittarius Sagittarius
24 Nov - 21 Dec
The Moon in Virgo may make you stressed today because of the sensitive atmosphere at the workplace. Your cheerful nature has always provided your co-w... Read More ->
Capricorn Capricorn
22 Dec - 20 Jan
Your rapport with the younger generation is great and although you may not make those cute little noises to entertain them, there is a certain bond th... Read More ->
Aquarius Aquarius
21 Jan - 18 Feb
Make sure you have an equal amount of give and take in your life, Aquarius. If someone gives you a compliment today, know how to receive it graciously... Read More ->
Pisces Pisces
19 Feb - 20 Mar
Relationships should go well for you, Pisces. You should be able to find emotional stability when you form a relationship with someone you trust. Don'... Read More ->

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